Range of Proven Standard Machines, Tailored to Suit your Requirements


Cable Winding

PCB has been designing & manufacturing Cable winding Machinery for over 25 years. From small dia insulated to EHV cable, fibre optics, extrusions, steel cable, rope, etc…

During rewinding from bulk drums to smaller spools or during the manufacturing process our winding machines provide tension control, layer winding, speed & length measurement with automation & safety.

We have a range of proven standard machines which can be tailored to suit your requirements with many options provided.

What We Specialise In!

Being in our Industry for over 25 years has allowed a lot of fine tuning & acquired skill sets to have us advance forward beyond our competitors and it all benefits you, our clients…

PCB specialises in Winding Equipment for…

- Insulated Cable

- Fibre Optic Cable

- Non-Insulated Products

- Rope

- Extrusions

- PVC Tube and Hose

cable winding machinery in action

Looking for a reliable & visionary partner?

The Tricab logo

Tricab have implemented many projects over the past 20 years using custom designed equipment from PCB in Australia and Tricab’s overseas operations.

Peter and his team have met these challenges and have provided innovative solutions and exceptional after sales support.

Brian MacKenzie

Project Manager, Tricab

Our Cable Winding Products!

a 40 ton A Frame take-up machine

40 ton A Frame Take-Up

The ETU-1400-2T machine being operated


Warehouse Cutting-Line Solutions

HTU Range Takeups 

• ETU - 1400 2T [pictured here]

• Length Cutter

• SQ Shaft Winder

The ETU - 1400 2T machine being operated
The HTU - HPO Lines in standby

Take-Up Rewinds & Pay-Off Lines

• ETU - 1400

• HTU - HPO Lines [pictured here]

Dual Spoolers & Production Winders

[pictured above]

Pneumatic Multi Sheath Dancers 

For precision Line Tension & Speed control [pictured here]

For precision line tension & speed control

Haul Off & Nip Rollers

• Haul Off Conveyor [pictured here]

• NIP Rollers [pictured here]

Haul Off Conveyor machine in standby
NIP Rollers machine in standby
A 40 Ton A Frame machine in standby

Large Capacity

• 40 Ton A Frame [pictured here]

A Printline Tables machine in standby

Ancillary Equipment Spare

• Four Head Binder [pictured here]

• Length Counters [pictured far right]

• Printline Tables [pictured below]

• Layup Rosette [pictured below right]

• Spool Tilter

A The Four Head Binder machine closeup
The Layup Rosette wheel on its side
A The Length Counters machine closeup
The Premier Extrusion logo

Premier Extrusion has grown over the years using PCB innovative designed equipment on all our line expansions. We value the robust design that goes the distance in production & would recommend Peter & his crew for any winding or haul off project.

Rubi Johnson

General Manager, Premier Extrusion

We deliver, install, commission, and train your operators onsite

We look at our on-site commissioning and operator training as a win-win for both the customer/operators & PCB Automation Engineering knowing that our customer’s operators are trained and the equipment is operating at its best so we both have peace of mind, aka win-win.

Our after sales service is professional and second to none. We also stock extensive parts ready for shipment if required saving on down-time as much as humanly possible.

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